Who are you?
- I'm Jeff Horton, a guy that really likes tech and startup communities and events

Why are you?
- A mystery my wife would like to know the answer to.

What are you?
- I'm a former small business owner, founder, programmer, sysadmin, painter, hobby machinist and whatever else I find interesting that week.

Why are you doing this?
- In my home town of 30,000 in the 90s I was already deep into tech and business reading and making, I often skipped high school to go to Chamber of Commerce luncheons and I realize that many smaller towns and cities will have exactly the same kind of person and they need to be able to find others like them.

What are you selling?
- I am not selling anything. I get so turned off by programs that sell advice and tips, often from people that have never even bought their own pens to make their company go. I'm an 'open-source' kind of guy so I just want to share and learn from others that want to share.