Business Resources

Business Resources in Central Alberta

  1. Carin Central Alberta Regional Innovation Network

    • Description: A network focused on fostering innovation and supporting startups and entrepreneurs in the Central Alberta region. Offers resources like mentorship, workshops, and funding opportunities.
  2. Community Futures (CF)

    • Description: Provides wide-ranging support for small businesses and entrepreneurs, including training, business planning, and financial assistance. Known for its grassroots approach to economic development.
  3. Alberta Innovates

    • Description: A provincially funded corporation that offers support to businesses in technology and research sectors. Provides funding, advice, and connections to drive innovation.
  4. Chamber of Commerce

    • Description: An organization that advocates for local businesses, offering networking opportunities, business development programs, and community engagement initiatives.
  5. Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP)

    • Description: A regional economic development alliance that focuses on fostering a sustainable economy through collaboration and strategic planning.